Tide In, Tide Out: Life Among Flotsom

Leaf Fish

Water streams past you, pulled by the tide. Flowing along side the shore, it carries with it whatever floats or is lightweight and unanchored. Natural flotsam casually passes by, a collection of mangrove seeds, fallen sea grape and mangrove leaves, a sea bean or two, random loose sea grasses and …

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Feature Creature: Grey Wart Anemone

Grey Wart Anamone

What is that?  It’s a beached sea anemone (Anthopleura carneola / Anthopleura krebsi). Despite being named after the anemone garden flower, sea anemones are actually animals related to jellyfish and corals.  Anemones are almost always benthic, meaning that they live on the ocean floor.  They are predatory with a diet …

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