Two Raptors: Red-tailed Hawk & Swallow-tailed Kite

Red-tailed Hawk

I had the opportunity to see two wonderful and very different raptors recently, right in my own neighborhood.  One day apart, I was able to see a Red-tailed Hawk and a Swallow-tailed Kite. Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) Though the Red-tailed Hawk may be the most common hawk in the United States, …

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Plant Profile: Royal Poinciana (Delonix regia)

Royal Poinciana Tree

Nothing says warm weather like a Royal Poinciana tree in bloom.  These trees can be found all over southern Florida, most often used in landscaping.  I have long known that the Poinciana isn’t native to Florida, despite it having been present seemingly forever.  Somewhere in my youth, I was told …

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Six Mile Cypress Slough / Give Birds a Brake

White Beauty

This isn’t the topic I had planned on writing about, but, as other topics failed me this week, it seems that fate would have me writing about this. A few years ago I began birding, thanks greatly to watching The Big Year and an on-going love of nature in general.  I try and make …

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Feature Creature: Grey Wart Anemone

Grey Wart Anamone

What is that?  It’s a beached sea anemone (Anthopleura carneola / Anthopleura krebsi). Despite being named after the anemone garden flower, sea anemones are actually animals related to jellyfish and corals.  Anemones are almost always benthic, meaning that they live on the ocean floor.  They are predatory with a diet …

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Bay Mud Flats

Live TrueTulip

Today’s adventure had me seeking an area off the beaten path: bay mud flats in southern Lee County. There is a reason that the flats are off the beaten path. They’re muddy. The water is often murky and the mud can be rather deep and clinging. Mud flats are, however, …

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Welcome! General notes about the blog: This is my first endeavor at blogging. Because I currently work full time, my blog will be, for the meantime, a slothblog (a blog of slow logging). My workplace is not conducive to blogging time and I am a low-tech, low-gadget person, thus there will …

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