Feature Creature: Strombus alatus

Strombus alatus

This overturned conch is looking in two different directs. In early August, I was walking in the shallows at Big Carlos Pass, enjoying the calm morning water with an exceptionally low tide. It was one of those still mornings that can fool you into believing that there’s nothing new or …

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An Addendum: The Real Robin Williams Challenge

August 23, 2014 It never fails to happen.  There are always those nasty people eager to kick someone when they’re down and defenseless, even when they’re dead.  Villains have been posting some gruesome garbage on social media, using Robin Williams’ name to promote a ‘challenge’ to end one’s life.  Even …

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A Few Thoughts Regarding Depression and Robin Williams

This is the first time I have blogged on matters other than Florida and deviated from my somewhat clinical discourse on  nature.  Though I think some data is important and worth sharing, the real reason I’m adding this post is greatly emotional. Perhaps this seems all mundane in the face of …

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Florida Fungus: Clathrus crispus

Wiffle Ball Stinkhorn

It’s mid-July and the Florida rainy season is in full force.  The ground is moist and warm.  Seeds and spore that have laid dormant during the drier months are springing forth with life.  Many of the sudden growths are easily recognizable, but some seem down right alien! This strangle fungus …

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Welcome! General notes about the blog: This is my first endeavor at blogging. Because I currently work full time, my blog will be, for the meantime, a slothblog (a blog of slow logging). My workplace is not conducive to blogging time and I am a low-tech, low-gadget person, thus there will …

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