An Addendum: The Real Robin Williams Challenge

August 23, 2014
It never fails to happen.  There are always those nasty people eager to kick someone when they’re down and defenseless, even when they’re dead.  Villains have been posting some gruesome garbage on social media, using Robin Williams’ name to promote a ‘challenge’ to end one’s life.  Even posted in jest, it is a vulgar thing.

To these malicious meanies, I say, Shazbot!



As a counter-balance to cruelty, I now share my version of

The Real Robin Williams’ Challenge

1) Always treat others, and yourself, with compassion.

2) Try and make at least one person laugh, or at least really smile, per day.

3) When you ask someone how they are, really listen to the answer.  You may save a life!

4) Be extraordinary!




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